Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ready. Set. Aim.

"This will be one of those experiences true friends will rise and fake ones fall"

9 days from picking up our boy and THIS is the message I see in my inbox this morning from someone I thought was a friend...

"I understand that you are trying to follow God's plan for your family, but I don't feel like it is my responsibility to financially support your family's hope of adoption because you didn't have the funds. It was honestly one thing to me to be raising the hosting funds, but then the requests for gift cards for groceries and entertainment felt a bit over the line to me"

(Her response was completely out of the blue, as I had sent her a message just checking in to see how she was doing.)

Ready. Set. Aim. The enemy's darts are flying. I should have expected it. Satan is NOT happy. And is trying to bring me down fast.

And I did shed some tears. It hurt. Really hurt.

For someone to sum up this whole journey as a means to beg for money, shattered my heart into.

Maybe you have felt that way by my posts lately? If so, I am sorry. I promise you we are doing our part to get our boy home!

But I also know the beauty in the body of Christ. Because I have seen it and have been so very blessed to be apart of it.

I have used my finances and talents to help bring children HOME to their forever families and there are no words to describe how it feels to see them, hug and play with them and know that God use ME to be apart of that story. 

I have never once felt my  adoptive friends were begging for my money. But rather God was begging me not to miss the BLESSING in being apart of their story.

The reality is adoption is expensive. And we can't do it alone.- Even though I have thought of selling a kidney to pay for it ;)

But it goes so far beyond finances. We need YOU. We need your prayers, encouragement, support.

Because we want V to know that it wasn't just our family that showed up at the gates of hell 'and fought for him to have a home and a family...

It was the LOVE of an entire of body of Christ.


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  1. girl- I am so sorry you had this awful message in your inbox today. I have come to realize through our adoption that there are people who just don't understand why we would ask for the help in adoption. it IS a blessing to get to be a part of bringing a child home. YOU are a big part of Micah being home and hosting Sunshine, and we are so thankful for you. Press on girl!!