Monday, August 4, 2014

There is PAIN. But there is PEACE

3 days.

Since I seen my boy's precious face.

3 days.

Since I have spoken him.

3 days is a LONG time ya'll. Especially when for 5 weeks he was glued to my side. And now he is halfway across the world with no way to contact him

. Oh my heart :-(

I did finally hear from someone  that V is safe at camp. Which I am so happy about. But that also means that the Wifi is very bad if any. And it may be next month before I hear from my boy. :-(

My heart is aching.

I miss His voice. His laughter. His smile.

We all do.

So many tears I shed daily. Pleading with God to bring him back home soon.

Morgan wraps herself in his blanket and sleeps in his bed every night now. My poor girl. She is missing her best friend :-(

Me and Adam have not slept  much the past few days. I wake up every time I hear the ding on my phone.

Praying its a message from our boy.

Our hearts have been ripped out our of chests and now lives halfway across the world. And we are grieving.

Trying to find our new normal. While desperately missing the old one.

Life just isn't the same without our boy.

And we are doing everything we can to bring him back HOME forever.

I have immersed myself in the adoption paperwork and fundraising. Using my broken heart as the driving force to bring my boy HOME.

We have three planned this month so far.

1. Garage Sale- August 9th
2. 31 Bingo Night-TBT
3. Parents Night Out- August 23rd

We have also had numerous friends offer to host fundraisers for us!

Currently running online fundraisers

Chole and Isabel Jewelry :. ( My precious friend has offered to donate ALL commission and personally match money raised!)

If you have a fundraiser idea or would like to host a fundraiser for us PLEASE let me know!!

You can also donate online via our You Caring page:

Due to V's age we are having to moving very quickly with paperwork and raise the first half of the funds very quickly!

 And God is so FAITHFUL. He just continues to overwhelm us and  pour out His blessings upon our family.

He loves V more than we can ever imagine. And I have watched him pursue and love on my boy through us in such amazing and incredible ways.

There is PAIN.. But there is PEACE.

I know my God. I know His promises.And I have seen His faithfulness.

And because of that I am clinging to the promise that my boy WILL come HOME.


"God’s plan from the start
For this world and your heart
Has been to show His glory and His grace
Forever revealing the depth and the beauty of
His unfailing Love
And the story has only begun"