Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tears. Laughter. Miracle.

"A family that never opens their heart up is never heartbroken. A family that never opens their home up will never miss them when they leave. A family that never embraces life's risks never fully lives."
The car ride to Charlotte was one of the quickest car rides of my life. Never before has that ride went by so quick.
I wanted time to stand still. I wasn't ready to let my boy go.
Making eye contact in the mirror. Seeing that precious face smile back at me. Oh my heart.

How can I ever let him go?

Arriving at the airport was so very hard.  :-(

Oh the bond he shares. With each of our children. He is their BROTHER. There is no denying that.

We got into the airport and V started chatting with some of his  buddies. And we chatted with some other host families.

We then checked in his luggage and waited.

And I just watched him. His smile, His laughter. His precious soul. Oh my boy. How momma loves you.

We then heard "5 minute warning"...

And I lost it. The tears. Oh the tears.

V comes running over and starts hugging us over and over and kept saying " No cry momma. No cry"

I told him that I loved him, that he was so very special to us and that we were going to miss him so much. That we were his family always and that momma was going to come for him. I was going to fight for him. And bring him home forever.

I then seen my boy that was trying to so very hard to be strong and wouldn't allow himself to cry,  Fight back tears. And I just hugged him tight. And told him it was all going to be ok.

They then called for him to get in line and he gets halfway and then turns around and comes running back to hug us one last time. And said " I love and  miss you family"

As I watched him walk away, I felt a piece of my heart go with him. There is no words to describe what that feels like. It was seriously the hardest thing I have had to do in my life. I wanted to run after him. But I couldn't. I had to let him go.

We then watch him walk through security  and he waves and smiles at us. And then he was gone.

Oh the tears. So many tears.

We had to stay at the airport until his flight took off. I just sat down and cried and started pleading with God to let me see my boy one more time. Just one more time.

I watched to see that orange shirt and black hat to come back around that corner. Pleading. Waiting.

Flight delayed. Praise you Jesus!

And then there he was! Looking for us. I jumped up and ran back to the banister. It was hard to be separated by practically a hallway and not be able to run to him! ;-( But he was smiling and waving.

 And then threw his arms up in the air and yelled " I love you my family!! " And we started blowing kisses back and forth. And he starts making hearts in the air. And saying " I love you momma" with his lips. Making all of us smile and laugh.

 Oh my sweet precious boy how momma loves you!

And then he was gone....

But it was just what my heart needed. V was not going to leave as long as he knew we were upset. He was going to bring laughter and joy to our hearts before he left. And that he did. Oh how I love him so.

I was ready to go...But God wasn't finished with this night ;-)

I began chatting with another host mom and she was asking what our next step was in this process. And I told her the first thing we need to do is file the form on the US side to keep him from aging out and that we needed to file in before he turns 16 which is the end of this month. And that we were just going to use all our savings to pay for it. Because I wanted it done. I couldn't risk not seeing my son again.

And she asks how much we need.  She then says oh I can take care of that. I will write you a check right now.

Ya'll. This momma hit that floor in the middle of the airport and just bawled like a baby! In that moment it wasn't about money.

It was my God showing up and whispering to my broken heart...

"V is coming back. I WILL bring your son HOME to you!"

So overwhelmed by God's faithfulness and goodness. V is so very much loved and my heart just swells with joy knowing that. A boy who once had no hope, no future, no family. Now has all of that and more.

Oh my goodness. God sure writes the BEST stories!! And this is only the beginning of this GLORIOUS UNFOLDING!! Amen.

If you would like to help support our journey of bringing V home forever you can do so here:

We are so very thankful for each and every one of you for your love, encouragement and support. I wish I could hug every one of you! From the bottom of our hearts thank you for loving on our family and our boy!!


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