Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Precious. Adored. Loved.

I look forward to the day I can  show V every single blog post, comment and message throughout this journey. 
To show him just how loved and adored he truly is.
Due to his age we are racing against the clock to get him home and working hard to raise the funds needed to complete his adoption.
And I starting praying about a fundraiser that could also be a tangible gift to him.
A gift that would allow others to plant precious seeds
 To encourage his precious heart.
Strengthen his soul.
And from that prayer this beautiful idea was born.
So how does this fundraiser work?
1. There are cards numbered 1-100

Each number on the cards represents a $ amount.
You sponsor a # card.
 Example: #5 = $5 donation toward bringing V Home!
And this is where it gets so very special.
You can include a special message, quote or verse for V.
 I will translate and print your  message and place them on the back of your # card.
One day very soon, these precious cards will placed in V's hands.
And a boy who once had no hope, no future, no family.
Will begin to see just how
Precious, loved and adored he truly is.
To sponsor a card for V you can visit our families You Caring page here:
You can then pick your # card and place your corresponding donation and then in the comment section state your card # and leave your message, quote or verse you want to share with V!
Thank you so much for loving and investing in our boys life in such a powerful way! God Bless you sweet friends! 
Smith Family