Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The blessing me and my kiddos have been waiting for finally arrived on our doorstep yesterday!! We were stoked!! And what a blessing it has already been! After much frustration over sight words and how they are simply a ridiculous way to teach children how to read..yes I am officially a sight word Nazi! ask anyone they will confirm it! ha ha;) I prayed and asked God to rewire my daughters brain, I seriously believe that sight words caused some if not all of her reading difficulties, and so I prayed that God would heal her from this and give me something that I could use to teach her PURE phonics(I say pure because this program was the only one I found on the market that does not include some type of sight words in with the phonics, I simply wanted a true phonetic program, because ALL words can be sounded out!!) and I wanted my daughter to learn how to really read and not memorize! And God so delivered! I came across ABC the Key while searching online for a phonics program and I knew it was the answer to my prayer, so I prayed about the purchase since it was a big one and I felt God nudge my heart to purchase it;) And what a true blessing it has been! We have only had this program in our home for a day and Maddie is learning all of her sounds, Even little Mason can tell you the sound A makes! he he;) Morgan is learning so much and she is having so many light bulb moments!;) and best of all she is learning how to read!! and really read! She looked at me and said mom this makes sense now, I understand how to sound out the words I don't know and I don't have to guess what it is! woohooo!!! I looked back at her with tears in my eyes and said yes love that's reading!! I am so grateful to the Lord for this blessing and just had to post about it!!;)

Here is some pics of my little ones enjoying their skittle dogs that came with the program;) The company was nice enough to send me two free extra dogs since I have three kiddos and they wanted them all to have one to teach;) and they have so enjoyed them! We so LOVE ABC the Key!!;)

Mason didn't get to be in the pic this time as he was enjoying his much needed nap;) he he;)

If you are interested in learning more about the program ABC the Key you can visit the website here;)


Adventure in Homeschooling;)

I knew God was laying homeschooling on my heart again and so I pulled my daughter out of the Arts School she was attending mid year to homeschool her again, I admit I was nervous about the transition but when God calls He equips! And we are having so much fun and learning so much! I wouldn't trade it for anything! Homeschooling is such an incredible adventure and I am so blessed to ride it with the Lord and my children!;)

I wanted to allow our family and friends a peek into our world of homeschooling! We are having a BLAST!;)

My chefs;)

Homeschool Skateboarding;)

Maddie practicing her letters;)

Morgan and her Playdough creations;)

I will be updating and adding more pics, as we have lots of field trips planned! so keep your eye out for them!;)

I wanted to end this post with a cute video made by a homeschool mom that made me giggle!;) I will survive!!;) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!;)