Friday, December 14, 2012

It's only Friday...

I tried to make sense of what happened today.  They were so innocent, so young and their lives were taken for no reason.

 I cried out to God. WHY? Why do these things happen? It just doesn’t make sense. There is no reason for things like this to happen.


And through His still small voice I heard Him say. But what if there was a reason? What if there is more to this story than just the tragedy of today?


The disciples knew tragedy well. On that dark Friday they mourned the death of not just their friend but their Savior. Jesus had told them He would return, but in that moment of tragedy they too were consumed in their grief. I am sure they had the same questions we are asking. Why? Why put an innocent man to death? There is just no reason for all of this.

 Oh but there was a reason.

 God Himself watched His own Son be murdered on that cross, because He knew something the disciples didn’t know.

Sunday was coming.


He knew the ending. He knew how the whole story would be played out. He knew that even though we may mourn for a while, Joy comes in the morning.


As we all mourn today over the lives of those precious children whose lives were taken. May we be reminded that their Sunday has come. They are dancing on the streets of heaven today. Walking hand and hand with their Savior.
May we lift our heads up to that same God who grieved His own innocent Son’s death and be reminded that He knows how this story will play out, even when we don’t. Let us not dwell on this Friday’s tragedy but live in a time of ceaseless prayer for God’s ultimate Christmas gift to be delivered to those who need it most tonight. God came down all those years ago to save a world in desperate need of a Savior.


And through that gift He still whispers…Lift your head up dear one. Today is only Friday, Sunday is coming.