Monday, September 12, 2011

"Portable Brain"

If you are like me then your life is a collection of crazy blessed chaos and its hard to find time to "think" let alone process those thoughts! And I kept getting lost in doing what needed to be done, that when God would speak to my heart about an idea for homeschooling, emails, ministry, writing etc. I would make sure to make a mental note to remember to get to it and then realize a few days later that I had forgot what I was suppose to do! Uggh! Anyone else??...

I also began to realize that the closer I get to 30( which is only 12 days, 288 hours, 17280 minutes and 1036800 seconds away) But hey who's counting?!;-) That my brain just isn't retaining info like it used to..Gotta love aging!;-)

I was going to bed with my mind racing with thoughts, ideas, plans, etc and finding it hard to fall asleep!...Oh how I needed a "dumping" place for all these thoughts!

And this is when my "Portable Brain" was invented...

* Sketch Book: Of course I decorated the cover! Because well my portable brain has to reflect the real one, and the real one surely isn't boring!...I gotta AMEN to that from the hubby! hehe;-)

* Tabs: Which so far are labeled with the different categories Homeschooling, Adoption, Writing, Ministries)

* Post it Notes: When the Lord brings a thought, idea etc to my mind, I can write it down on a post it note, so I won't forget!

Ahhhhhhhhhh, Its in the little things that true blessings are found!! And I swear I heard a THANK YOU from my "real" brain..hehe!;-)

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