Friday, April 24, 2009


Me and the girls are having so much fun creating Lapbooks to go along with what we are learning and we just wanted to share with all our family and friends!;) The first one is our Lapbook to celebrate Earth Day;)

These two are Subtraction Facts and Phonic Rules!;)

Morgan is currently reading American Girl Josefina and we are going to do a Lapbook on her once she is finished!!;) Also we are so excited that God has led us back to My Father's World Curriculum and we will be starting the 3rd grade Adventures program the end of this summer and we are thrilled there are so many Lapbooks to make to go along with our lessons! So many fun things in store for us in our journey of Homeschooling with the Lord and we can't wait to share them with you all!!;)We hope you enjoy the pictures!! If you are interested in making your own Lapbooks you can find many resources here: and feel free to contact me with any questions!! May the Lord Bless You!!


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